Frito Lay Distribution Portfolio – 7 Locations

Location: Maryland & Virginia
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $23,000,000

4405 East West Highway

Location: 4405 East West Highway, Bethesda, Maryland
Size: 66,000 sf of existing office to be redeveloped into 300 multifamily units
Owner: Klinedist Management
Representation: Exclusively Represented the Seller
Price: $21,500,000

Rollingwood Shopping Center

Location: 13813 Foulger Square,Woodbridge, Virginia
Size: 110,000 square foot, 15.09 acres
Owner: Foulger Pratt
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $18,250,000

Woodlawn Shopping Center

Location: 8724-8772 Richmond Highway,Alexandria, Virginia
Size: 120,000 square foot on 8.55 acres
Owner: Berkeley Plaza Associates
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $13,750,000

One Calvert Plaza

Location: 201 E Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland
Size: 158,838 square foot office building (16 stories)
Owner: Plaza Realty Management, Inc
Representation: Seller
Price: $11,100,000

Odenton Medical Center

Location: 1215 Annapolis Road, Odenton, Maryland
Size: 32,456 square feet on 4 acres
Owner:  Kanaris 1215 LLC
Representation:  1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $6,200,000

Magnolia Haus at Tuscarora Creek

Location: Tuscarora Creek, Frederick, Maryland
Size: 189 unit multifamily development
Owner: Day Development, LC
Representation: Seller
Price: $6,048,000

Columbia Gas of Virginia

Location: 4167 Blundau Drive, Vint Hill, VA
Size: 21,225 sf on 4.62 acres
Owner: Private Owner
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $5,800,000

Forbes Tech Center

Location: 4200 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD
Size: 61,000 sf on 3.85 acres
Owner: Forbes Technology CTR LTD PTNRSHIP
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $5,650,000

Pear Tree Village

Location: 8800-8810 Pear Tree Village Court, Alexandria, VA
Size: 32,000 sf on 3.85 acres
Owner:  Rock Creek-Pear Tree LLC
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $5,625,000

Residences at River Marsh

Location: Heron Boulevard, Cambridge, MD
Size: 309 lots
Owner(s):  Partnership of Bernstein Companies & Rock Creek Property Group
Representation: Seller
Price: $5,500,000

AC Jets

Location: 4239 Old National Pike, Middletown, MD
Size: 152 acres
Owner:  AC Jets, LLC & Old Indian Trial, LLC
Representation: Buyer
Price: $5,500,000

Auto Spa Express

Location: 5718 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD
Size: 5,000 square feet
Owner:  WLR Automotive, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $5,200,000

St Clair Apartments

Location: 910-992 St. Clair Street, Hagerstown, MD
Size: 79 Existing Multifamily
Owner: Lyles Farms, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $5,120,000

Harrison Crossing Retail Strip Center

Location: 5629 Plank Road, Fredericksburg, VA
Size: 12,500 sf on 1.3 acres
Owner: Seller
Representation: Seller
Price: $4,700,000

Frensenius Medical

Location: Tupelo, MS
Size: 13,535 sf on 1.81 acres
Owner:  THN Real Estate, LLC
Representation: 1031 Exchange Investor
Price: $4,475,000

Frensenius Medical

Location: Mount Sterling, Louisiana
Representation: 1031 Exchange Investor
Price: $4,446,178

Monocacy Boulevard Industrial Development

Location: Monocacy Boulevard, Frederick, Maryland
Size: 27 acres
Owner:  City of Frederick
Representation: Buyer
Price: $4,300,000

Parklawn Building

Location: 12450 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, Maryland
Size: 14,275 square feet
Owner:  Private Owner
Representation: Buyer
Price: $4,150,000

Hampton Park Warehouse

Location: 400-420 Hampton Park Road, Capitol Heights, Maryland
Size: 24,500 square feet
Owner:  9000 Hampton Limited Partnership
Representation: Buyer
Price: $4,120,000

Twinbrook Metro Flex

Location: 5951-5953 Halpine Road, Rockville, Maryland
Size: 40,000 square feet
Owner:  LH Investments, LC
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $4,000,000

2003 Beaver Road

Location: 2003 Beaver Road, Hyattsville, MD
Size: 40,000 square feet on 1.83 acres
Owner:  Monroe Investments, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $3,920,000

Texas Family Dollar/Dollar Tree Portfolio – 2 Stores

Location: Huntsville & Riverside, Texas
Representation: 1031 Investor
Price: $3,600,480

7209 Lockport Place

Location: 7209 Lockport Place, Lorton, Virginia
Size: 13,000 square feet on 9.38 acres
Owner:  Sparrowen, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $3,875,000

Phoenix Drive

Location: 3550 Marseille Drive, Oakton , Virginia
Size: 16.46 acres
Owner: FCW, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $3,500,000

Skyview Park Plaza

Location: 8510-8526 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, Virginia
Size: 15,000 square foot on 1.5 acres
Owner: Frye Road Associates, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $3,350,000

10365 Lomond Drive

Location:  10365 Lomond Drive, Manassas, Virginia
Size: 14.28 acres
Owner: Private Owner
Representation: Buyer
Price: $3,350,000

Rosedale Royal Farms Gas & Convenience and Point Breeze Credit Union Development

Location:  2 Philadelphia Court, Rosedale, MD
Size: 2.8 acres of land
Owner: Point Breeze Credit Union
Representation: Seller
Price: $3,200,000

Maryland Cultivation

Location:  560 Western Maryland Parkway, Hagerstown, MD
Size: 36,000 square feet warehouse
Owner: Private Owner
Representation: Buyer
Price: $3,100,000

Towson Starbucks

Location: 6900 York Road, Towson, MD
Size: 1,558 square feet on 0.42 acres
Owner: VS York Road, LLC
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $2,950,000

Takoma Park Apartment Portfolio

Location: 710 & 712 Hudson Ave, 8308 & 8326 Roanoke Ave, 8302 Flower Ave, Takoma Park, MD
Size: 30 existing multifamily units consisting of 5 buildings
Owner: Sky Properties
Representation: Exclusive Representation
Price: $2,760,000

Flower Foods

Location: Sunnyvale, Texas
Size: 7,860 sf on 3.05 Acres
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $2,592,384

Cannonball Road

Location: Cannonball Road, Fairfax, Virginia
Size: 8 acres of R-1 Zoned Ground
Owner:  JR Alexandria Development, LLC
Representation: Exclusively Represented Seller
Price: $2,500,000

Dollar General Kingston

Location: Kingston, West Virginia
Size: 9,100 square feet on 1.74 acres
Owner:  Private Owner
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $2,464,723

Old Ferry Commercial

Location: 7201 Old Alexandria Ferry Road, Clinton, MD
Size: 20,772 square feet
Owner:  Old Alexander Ferry, LLC
Representation: Exclusive Representation
Price: $2,450,000

Woodyard Industrial Park

Location: 8201 Woodyard Road, Clinton, MD
Size: 10.5 Acres
Owner:  Woodyard Road Associates, LLC
Representation: Exclusive Representation
Price: $2,400,000

10801 Rhode Island Avenue

Location: 10801 Rhode Island Avenue, Beltsville, MD
Size: 3.30 Acres
Owner: Greenhill Companies
Representation: Seller
Price: $2,250,000

Advance Auto Parts – 2 locations

Location: Wytheville, VA
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $2,181,450

Family Dollar

Location: 2020 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD
Size: 12,608 square feet on 1.05 acres
Owner:  2020 Harford Road Owner, LLC
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $2,050,000

Moby Dick House of Kabob

Location: 6854 Old Dominion Road, McLean, VA
Size: 2,000 sf restaurant stand alone building
Owner: Private Seller
Representation: Buyer
Price: $1,875,000

Manchester Walgreens

Location: Manchester, Georgia
Size: 10,752 sf on 1.38 acres
Owner: Private Owner
Representation: 1031 Exchange Buyer
Price: $1,650,000

Chesapeake VA Clinic

Location: 3132 Lynnhurst Boulveard, Chesapeake, Virginia
Size: 5,000 sf on 2.5 acres
Owner: Norfolk Vet Center, LLC
Representation: Buyer
Price: $1,625,000

Woodyard Road Retail Parcel

Location: 8201 Woodyard Road, Clinton, MD
Size: 3.6 acres of retail land
Owner: Woodyard Road Associates, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $1,600,000

Dollar General Store

Location: Westover, MD
Size: 9,100 sf on 2 acres
Owner: Oxford Chase Development, Inc
Representation: 1031 Exchange Investor
Price: $1,600,000

Dollar General Weber City

Location: 2000 US Highway 23 South, Weber City, VA
Size: 9,495 sf on 1.24 Acres
Owner: DG Weber City, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $1,562,606

Land for New Rutters Gas & Convenience

Location: Emmitsburg, MD
Size: 15 acres of Commercial Land
Owner: SPT Land, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $1,500,000

304 & 308 N Stonestreet

Location: Rockville, MD
Size: 8,500 sf of industrial with outdoor storage on 0.84 acres
Owner: Morrison Partners, LLC
Representation: Buyer
Price: $1,500,000

Brunswick Land

Location: Brunswick, MD
Size: 113.2 acres
Owner: New Brunswick, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $1,500,000

Dollar General Store

Location: East Prairie, MO
Size: 15,343 on 1.38 acres
Representation: 1031 Exchange Investor
Price: $1,486,250

Dollar General Store

Location: Breezewood, PA
Size: 9,100 sf on 1.4 acres
Owner: PTV 1016, LLC
Representation: 1031 Exchange Investor
Price: $1,444,029

Dollar General Store

Location: 13120 Clear Spring Road, Clear Spring, MD
Size: 9,100 sf on 2 acres
Owner: Daisy Lane Enterprises, LLC
Representation: 1031 Investor
Price: $1,376,000

Dollar General Store

Location: 4790 Green Valley Road, Union Bridge, MD
Size: 18,288 sf on 4 acres
Owner: Thurmont Land Group, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $1,325,000

Old Middletown Road

Location: Old Middletown Road, Frederick, MD
Size: 134 Acres
Owner: LSJ Family
Representation: Buyer
Price: $1,240,000

St. Augustine Land

Location: St. Augustine Lane, Oakton, VA
Size: 4.4 Acres
Owner: Private Seller
Representation: Buyer
Price: $1,200,000

Self-Storage Development on Woodyard Road

Location: 8201 Woodyard Road, Clinton, MD
Size: 7.64 Acres
Owner: Landmark Atlantic Holdings
Representation: Seller
Price: $1,200,000

Takoma Park Apartments – 2 Buildings, 12 Units

Location: 8318 & 8324 Roanoke Avenue, Takoma Park, MD
Size: 12 Existing Multifamily Units consisting of 2 Apartment Buidings
Owner: Sky Properties
Representation: Seller
Price: $1,104,000

18001 Bowie Mill

Location: 18001 Bowie Mill Road, Rockville, MD
Size: 1,323 sf on 2.62 acres
Owner: Kevin Clair
Representation: Exclusively Represented Seller
Price: $1,055,000

Arcadia Mansion

Location: 4720 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD
Size: 9,418 sf on 5.74 acres
Owner: Ballenger Creek Baptist Church
Representation: Seller
Price: $840,000

319 & 321 E Patrick Street Apartments

Location: 319 & 321 E Patrick Street, City of Frederick, MD
Size: 16,000 sf
Owner: Gene Horner
Representation: Seller
Price: $839,000

Sherwin Williams

Location: Charleston, WV
Size: 7,600 sf on 0.22 acres
Owner: Oaks Associates, LP
Representation: 1031 Exchange Investor
Price: $751,751

Tilco Industrial Land

Location: Tilco Lane, Frederick, MD
Size: 2.13 Acres of M-1 Zoned Land
Owner: G&S Development, LLC
Representation: Buyer
Price: $750,000

Renn Farm

Location: Sundays Lane, Frederick, MD
Size: 5 Estate Lots
Owner: Frey Agricultural Products, Inc.
Representation: Seller
Price: $660,000

8102 Greenwood Ave

Location: 8102 Greenwood Ave, Takoma Park, MD
Size: 5 Existing Apartments
Owner: Estate of Esther Chayt
Representation: Seller
Price: $587,000

8326 Roanoke Ave

Location: 8326 Roanoke Ave, Takoma Park, MD
Size: 6 Existing Apartments
Owner: Plymouth Muse, LLC
Representation: Seller
Price: $552,000

8300 Woodyard Road

Location: 8300 Woodyard Road, Clinton, MD
Size: 6.24 Acres of CSC zoned land
Owner: College Park Woods, Inc
Representation: Buyer
Price: $385,000

Strawsleigh II, Lots 4 & 5

Location: Frederick, MD
Size: 10 acres
Owner: Private Owner
Representation: Seller
Price: $295,000

102 DeShields

Location: 102 DeShields Street, Laurel, Delaware
Size: 20,000 sf on 2.22 Acres
Owner: Southern States Coop, Inc
Representation: Seller
Price: $255,000

Linganore Manor

Location: New Windsor Road, Union Bridge, MD
Size: 12 acres
Owner: Private Owner
Representation: Seller
Price: $175,000

Edward Jones – Shared Real Estate Prototype

Location: Fairview Park – James Campbell Office Building

Address: 3110 Fairview Park Drive
City: Falls Church, Virginia 22042

Landlord: James Cambell Company

Edward Jones

Location: Madison Building
Address: 1320 Old Chain Bridge Road
City: McLean, Virginia 22101

JR Real Estate

Location: Willowwood Office Building
Address: 10300 Eaton Place
City: Fairfax, VA 22030

Verve Fitness

Location: Rosslyn Plaza
Address: 1611 N Kent Street
City: Arlington, VA 22209